Google Time, Google’s new smart watch

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The Financial Times has reported that Google is going into the smart watch market. This isn’t a big shock after all. Google is trying to make the first true smart glasses, and Apple is somewhat in the smart watch market. But no matter the reason, we have pictures of some possible designs of the upcoming watch. (It almost looks like the Android MetaWatch smart watch I reviewed.)


At this time, it’s rumored the watch will do super basic things that most smart watches already do. Things like tell time, the watch, events, text messages alert, e-mail alert, battery alert, distance from the phone/tablet alert, etc. While these things most likely will happen, the watch might also have some special connection to Google Glass/glasses too.


Obviously there is no word on any release date and price. Personally, I have to assume they wont have one for the next year or so. But, I must assume it’s going to have a price range between like other smart watches. ($120-$400)