50+ Tips and Tricks Microsoft Surface and Windows RT



Microsoft Surface is already being ported with regular Windows applications to its Windows RT.  Couple of new ways for altering the touch screen settings also has been developed. People who are using Windows RT for the first time will find difficult to get along since it is still new OS. Keeping this in the mind some 50 tips and tricks containing guide has been released.

XDA senior Member tboy2000 wrote the guide and tricks developed by other have also made the guide list. It covers almost all bases. There are methods that allow the stock Windows video, music apps and picture see contents of SD card, quick access of task manager, how to boot with flash drive and more.

Apart from the tricks for enhancements and productivity some fun entries are also figure in the list. One such is accessing 700+ emotions from virtual keyboard. You also have the option of an alternative keyboard with word suggestions and word prediction

This guide is a must if you are Microsoft Surface owner if you have several questions to ask. The guide is expanding over the months and might grow large with time. Check the original thread for details.

Source: XDA-Developers