Windows RT Gets Several Ported Desktop Apps



Window RT’s incompatibility to several 32 and 64-bit applications is one of its primary limitations. So buying Microsoft Surface and installing your favorite programs are your intentions then you might be in for a lot of trouble. XDA Recognized Developer GoodDayToDie has come to the rescue by initiating the compilation of desktop apps for users of RT.

Several users and developers have taken note of this proposal. To start with, all of them are paying attention to re-compile software that is free and open source to work on Windows RT. The list of currently ported applications is given below.

  • Bochs. x86 Emulator. Known issue: no network support.
  • TightVNC. VNC server and client.
  • PuTTY Suite. SSH/Rsh/telnet client and helpers. Printing fixed in this build.
  • 7-Zip. Utility for file archives and disk images.
  • Notepad++. Powerful but simple text/code editor. New direct link:
  • SciTE. Code editor (Thanks to XDA-Devs member FearTheCowboy)
  • IP Messenger. Peer-to-peer chat/file transfer.
  • Unikey 3.1. Vietnamese character entry tool. This version is out of date, but is the latest with full source code available.
  • Unikey 3.6. Known issue: without RtfIO, the “Toolkit” and “Conversion on the fly” features won’t work. (Thanks minhtuan99bk)
  • CrystalBoy. Nintendo Gameboy emulator. Known issue: uses GDI+ instead of DirectX, may reduce performance. Reported issue: JIT is broken so games don’t actually play (unconfirmed). Thanks to DXA-Developers member daveoggy.

GoodDayToDie, apart from working on the porting development, is also maintaining a list of applications that run without any change. Keepass Portable and Mouse Without Borders are among them. Great work from each one taking part in this initiative, and the commendable development for Windows 8 and RT is running progressively. Keep checking the list often because they are likely to grow in more numbers.

If you need more information then check out the original thread.

Source: XDA-Developers