Windows Phone 8 Gets CloudMuzik Port



If you are Windows phone 7 lovers, you must have pleasing memory of an application, named CloudMuzik, which is a Google music client. It was designed for the Google Music lovers who run the WP7 platform & has no other option. Although, it has certain limitations, it was a fantastic & useful app, which is now accessible through the WP8 as well.

Thanks to snickler, XDA Recognized Developer who released it for WP7, for releasing it again for the windows phone 8. Unlike the previous version, the new release is more complete & bugs free to a great extent. The new features include the application support for:

  • Full Library support
  • Full Refresh of music library
  • Refresh of latest songs uploaded
  • Playlist support
  • Social sharing of current song
  • Repeat and Shuffle capabilities
  • Pinning of Artist, Album, Playlist and Genre to Start
  • Background Audio
  • Local song caching

If you have the Google music account, application will help you to enjoy the bunch of your favorite songs on the windows phone 8 as well. Similar to the WP7 app, this new version is also available on the Windows app store, packed with fixed initial bugs & issues, extra features and few updates.

You can visit the CloudMuzik thread for more info.

Source: XDA-Developers