Kindle Fire HD Now Gets Google Play Store And A Third Party Launcher Thanks To KindleFree

KindleFree KindleFree

After the release of Kindle Fire HD, Amazon engineers claimed that the device would be impossible to crack and buyers would be limited to what was being offered. Developers took it as a challenge and the device was hacked. Since then a lot of tweaking has been done to the Kindle Fire HD and recently an application has been released that lets users install the Google Play store and different 3rd party launchers.

Retired XDA Senior Moderator Stericson, who is an Elite Recognised Developer and considered a Godfather of the Android Theming world, has created an application called KindleFree. According to the app description by Stericson, the application requires root and will not root the device. It is tested on Kindle Fire 2nd Generation and Kindle Fire HD and as always, users will have to test the application at their own risk. For users who want to disable the Amazon home screen and use a different launcher, this application will let them do exactly that. It is also possible to install the Android market using this application.

Free and paid versions of the app are available in the Google Play Store. So it is very easy to install and use the application. A feature is there to delete different items from the device by long pressing them. To get more information about the app, click here.

Paid Version Download
Free Version Download

Source: XDA-Developers