Install Windows 8 Metro Apps To Another Drive And Save Space On Your SSD Drive


SSDs or Solid State Drives are known for the incredibly high speeds they generate and they are becoming a popular choice when it comes to installing the operating system for PCs. Due to recent reduction in prices, SSDs are being opted by a large number of users and some are using RAID technology to yield even greater speeds although only a few chipset combinations and SSDs support TRIM. But SSDs are still costlier than regular HDDs so many users choose a few smaller SSDs and a large HDD to back up their data. But the Windows App store which comes default with Windows 8, installs Metro apps to the main OS drive eating away precious space on the SSDs.

But now XDA developer GoodDayToDie has created a tutorial that shows users how to get around this predicament and install the Metro apps to another drive other than the SSD. This tutorial was created while answering to a question raised by an XDA senior member called trettet.

The tutorial is fairly easy to follow and is not much time consuming as well. Anybody with some experience with Windows Command Prompt should be able to get it done. A symlink needs to be created as Windows 8 does not give its users the option to choose a drive for Metro apps. Users need to copy the Metro Apps folder from C drive to the intended drive, delete the original folder and then create a symlink to the folder copied at other hard drive. After that Metro apps are installed on the other hard drive. To read all the instructions, click here.

Source: XDA-Developers