SwiftKey Flow Beta Gesture Typing Keyboard Available For Free


Everybody who likes gesture typing keyboards surely knows about two of the biggest players in this niche. The first one is Swype which is available as a pre-installed feature on many Android phones these days. The other one is recently released Android 4.2 keyboard. However, now there is a third player into the picture. Everyone’s familiar SwiftKey has released the SwiftKey Flow beta and the good news is that it is absolutely free.

The SwiftKey Flow beta contains all the original SwiftKey specialities like theming, predictive text and the intuitive software interface capable of learning your typing styles and grammars from your social networking accounts and email. Then it tops all of that up with gesture typing.

Being a beta version, the keyboard definitely has some wrinkles that are to be ironed out. Some users have complained that words sometimes do not get stored in the dictionary. The gesture functions are quite different from Swype which makes typing words like “it’s”, and “they’re” difficult. One has to swipe the fingers over the letters and hope for the predictive text function to catch his intentions at the first go. Also the SwiftKey Flow is designed to insert a space after every period is typed, making web surfing a difficult proposition with the keyboard. Apart from these few hiccups, reviews have been nothing short of ecstatic. Finally Swype is facing some tough competition from Android 4.2 keyboard and SwiftKey Flow beta.

XDA senior member jujuburi has made mirror download links available in a forum thread. To access that thread and engage in discussion about this keyboard, click here.

Source: XDA-Developers