Jelly Bean Sense 4.5 Port Now Available For HTC EVO 4G LTE



Users and developers of Android OS usually do not wait for the next Android release when it comes to AOSP based ROMS. And the same is true for OEM skins as well. The biggest challenge that developers faced for some time with HTC EVO 4G LTE was unlocking the bootloader. After accomplishing that feat, they are back to arranging for the availability of latest firmwares. Now a Jelly Bean port is available with HTC sense 4.5.

The port was released by XDA forum senior member chubbzlou. It’s an alpha version of the Jelly Bean with Sense 4.5 for the EVO 4G LTE. As it is an Alpha build, apart from data and GPS, almost no other features are working, including sound, camera, sdcard and Bluetooth.

The port has been done from HTC Droid DNA. Developer chubbzlou has requested other developers to work on the port and get it up and running. It is not recommended for general users to flash their ROMs as the result will be like a preliminary Jelly bean build. Right now only developers intending to help are looking at the port. So far the HTC EVO series has supported such ports perfectly and it should not be different in this case as well.

For more details, check this original thread.

Source: XDA-Developers