Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 Is Now Rooted As Well



Samsung Galaxy S III has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for developers and end-users alike. Although Verizon tried its best, even the Verizon Galaxy S3 has been unlocked as well. One complaint about Galaxy S3, however, has remained that the device is too large for some peoples’ liking. Keeping this demand in mind Samsung came up with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190. And now this device has been rooted as well.

A root method for the Galaxy S3 mini has been released by XDA forum member and developer avicohh. Also the method is not too difficult from the looks of it. No custom recovery is available For the S3 Mini at this moment so flashing a pre-rooted stock image via Odin is the order of the day.

The rooting process is pretty easy as the user just needs to flash the stock image in Odin. The Galaxy S3 mini does not sport a shortcut key combination to launch recovery mode hence to fire the factory reset option, the user has to access the settings menu. An Odin-flashable wipe image has been provided by the developer to aid the users experiencing boot loops.

Download links and detailed instructions can be found here.

Source: XDA-Developers