Self-Powered USB OTG Hardware Mod made Available For HP TouchPad


Although the main development focus at XDA forums is software, some pretty cool hardware modifications have been developed by a number of forum members and developers. Developers have undertaken some complex projects like making the HTC HD2 not show its age and run like a recently released device. Now, there is good news for HP Touchpad owners as well. The users can now build self-powered USB OTG right into the Touchpad by themselves.

The mod has been created and released by XDA forums recognized contributor mpgrimm2.  However, it is a tough mod to implement by general users. According to mpgrimm2, the mod requires the user to completely disassemble the touchpad which requires specific tools. Also cutting and dremelling out excess parts and materials from back cover and display frame are necessary which may result in permanent damage of the device. Soldiering equipment and good knowledge with very small circuitry boards or traces is important to carry out the mod if more than a full size power port is required. The whole modification process requires a lot of patience as it takes 4 to 6 days to complete the project.

This mod is not recommended for the weak-hearted or inexperienced users. There are a number of steps to be performed. To install the USB OTG port, the user will require to cut the Touchpad to make room for the port, shoulder a lot, create a hole in the housing for the port to be put into and many other steps as well.

Apart from the difficulty of the project, some other known issues of this mod is faster battery drain as the USB OTG will also be powered by the battery and the screen will be a little lifted. A lot of tools are required for the job but mpgrimm2 has made a list of all the tools required and where to buy them.

If you are interested in trying out this mod, you can refer to the original thread here.

Source: XDA-Developers