Jellybro CM10.1 Nightlies Available Now For Nexus 10!


The Android 4.2 release saw Google coming up with brand new features for the OS. Though the official transition has already started by the CyanogenMod team for the 4.2 based CM 10.1, the latest nightlies for all other devices could take some time. Here, makelegs, the XDA recognized developer and Team Euroskank member has aptly stepped in with self-compiled kang developed with latest sources from CM 10.1 to serve Google Nexus 10.

This was announced by makelegs on Google+ and this kang is an addition to the already existing CM 10.1 builds provided by Team Euroskank. As is usual with nightlies, some glitches may be experienced with this one. But reports from forum thread suggest no such happening and the build looks solid enough to workable. For early adapters, this is a chance for giving a shot to CM 10.1 before its official release.

This Forum thread will provide you with more information and download links.

Source: XDA-Developers