New PACman ROM conquers MyTouch 4G Slide

The unmatched popularity of PACman ROM is a widely known fact and its many versions have already reached numerous devices used around the world. The latest AOSP kang released for MyTouch 4G Slide is an amalgamation of the all previous AOSP ROMS and can be expected to easily spread like wildfire.

This one is sure to pack all the best features of AOKP, CyanogenMod and ParanoidAndroid and this comprehensive package is released by none other than mattlowry, the XDA Senior Member. This ROM has been acclaimed already as a solid and stable performer by users. This can be acknowledged by the fact that no major complaints have been reported by users till date. This does not completely rule out the ROM having any issues, simply they are too small.

Mattlowry has many useful tips for new users and added a FAQ to enhance of the experience of learning PACman. The tips also tutor the user with ROM settings control utilities and changing Global SystemUI Density using ParanoidAndroid settings. The tutorial also guides you on how you can find wake locks and how to grab logcat, dmesg. Instructions like ‘how to use the ROM’ and ‘how to report on bugs’ included additionally makes it a great experience.

In the original thread you can get more detailed information.

Source: XDA-Developers