All-in-One Toolkit for Nexus 10 Released


Developers easily get acquainted with any new releases. Nexus 4 was able to receive a new toolkit for it which gave birth to Google Nexus 10. History has been repeated as there is a wonderful & amazing toolkit for Nexus 10 as well.

The XDA senior moderator & reputed developer mskip has launched another very amazing toolkit for Google Nexus 10. It is full of advanced features, as was expected from it. This is excellent if you have just received your device or have it for a while. Some amazing features are as given here:

  • Intelligent installation of correct adb/fast boot drivers on famous operating systems like Windows xp/vista/7/8, either 32bit or 64 bit.
  • Ability to backup/restore all the internal data, apps or just a single package, as needed.
  • Create a backup of your data/media on your PC for enhanced security
  • Locking feature for boot loader
  • Root Stock Jelly Bean builds (up to 4.2.0 JOP40C)
  • Single Click to unlock the boot loader, root, rename, restore file & flash custom recovery
  • FULL NANDROID backup for your system via adb which can be saved in Custom Recovery format in your PC to be recover later via CWM Recovery
  • Compress all the /data and /system folders to .tar file & save it to PC
  • Easy dumping of phone partition, compress to .zip files using md5 & save to PC
  • Installation of BusyBox on the device
  • Amazing tips & tricks section for all the toolkit donators
  • Donator feature of auto update to latest version at startup
  • For quick running of programs, 10 QuickPic available
  • Mods section to perform certain task automatically
  • No manual download of Google Stock Image, it is moved automatically to correct toolkit folder for extracting & flashing
  • Google Stock Image or Flash Custom Recovery to phone
  • Rename feature for Recovery Restore File available on some stock Roms
  • Easy root/un-root of .zip files using adb side load in Custom recovery
  • Special feature of Booting in CWM Touch Recovery without Flashing it
  • Boot or flash .img files directly from your PC
  • Ability to install single or multi apk’s to your phone
  • User can Push files from PC to phone
  • Able to Pull files from phone to PC
  • Dumping selected LogCat buffers to your PC
  • Dumping Bug Report to PC
  • Ability to set file permission on the phone
  • Manual input via command prompt
  • One can reboot phone using fast boot mode or Android from fast boot mode
  • Quick reboot mode to fast boot mode, Recovery, Android or Download mode from adb mode

More than sufficient features! It is designed for all those things that one may need. Other special features include getting the root, locking/unlocking, recovery, getting logs, reboot options, installing APK & lots more. If you want modding Nexus 10, this is the must use toolkit for you.

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Source: XDA-Developers