Are you missing the Developer Options in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean?


Android has always included developer options with their deliveries and these are significant in the accessing of devices from a PC using ADB commands. This is great utility for developers because it permits them to install their app and debug it quickly. This is a crucial feature for Android enthusiasts and hackers for controlling their android device from PC.

You might have been frantic searching the developer options if you have recently installed the latest android 4.2 update for your device. And the same might have been the case with the new Nexus device that is shipped with 4.2 when you have searched all your settings. Actually it turns out that the feature in the latest versions is hidden by Google. The motive behind this is not clear to us, because it may be a feature or a curbing attempt. But in the overall scenario this step looks wise because the developer options can be greatly confusing and unnecessary features to many users.

For everyone’s health, the ‘knight in shining armor’ Warlord711, our XDA forum member has discovered how quickly you can enable the option. The forum thread will show you how simple it is.

Source: XDA-Developers