Experience the Lenovo IdeaDesktop on your ICS device


On XDA it has been a norm to enlighten everyone with all types of launchers so that everyone can reap the benefits what some of the OEMs and mobile OS offers. Now currently for our users there is a new touch wiz app for the HTC users, also there had been a new launcher on which our users can give a look namely Lenovo IdeaDesktop.

Again thanks to mucus_andriod who uploaded the APK which ultimately gives our users a chance to try it out without even spending a penny on it. Now it has been tested to work on CM9 and supposedly it should work out with ICS ( ROM based ). We are having a hunch that it might work also on the jelly bean and honeycomb, but it has not been certified yet.

Now the setup / installation is quite simple, like any third application we have to side- load the APK and after that just switch the launchers. Changing the number of home screens and custom interface are some features it posses.

All the updates available for this app will be posted by mucus_android.

Visit this thread to download the launcher.

Source: XDA-Developers