Sony Xperia Devices gets HTC’s Sense 4 UI port

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Do you own a Sony Xperia device? But you are totally in love with HTC’s Sense 4 UI, then there is a great news for you. With the advent of XDA Recognized Developer Zackconsole, one can change his or her Sony Xperia’s UI to HTC Sense 4 UI. Lately, there has been an increasing trend of people who have been tweaking and changing their UI’s to that of a different manufactures. There are a lot of parameters and criteria’s which come into play for this sort of experiment but the great thing about changing your UI is that you can get a lot of new interactiveness on your same old smartphone.

Zackconsole has helped the developers to port Sense 4 into almost all the Sony Xperia devices. Despite the fact that Sense 4 is pre-alpha build and as a result of which  has a number of bugs and is unstable, still installing it in your Sony Xperia would mean you getting the HTC Sense feel while still using your Sony Xperia device. This concept is being appreciated by a lot of people especially those who cannot afford or change their phones at the moment but want to get HTC’s Sense 4 UI. SO, if you are one of them, try this!!!

To try this ROM, head over to the below link relevant for your device:

Xperia Arc/S
Xperia Play
Xperia Neo
Xperia Neo V
Xperia Ray

Source: XDA-Developers