Add Wireless Charging to Galaxy Note II


Wireless charging has come into existence and has gained tremendous popularity. Wireless charging allows you to enjoy charging your phone even while away from the charging unit. HP touch screen wireless charging is the device used for allowing an individual to charge his mobile and this system works together with the default charger of the device. Complete charging will be done in a few minutes only and it does not cost much to own this device.

Key Requirements

Here are some of the requirements that one needs to meet:

  • Mutlicore Wire
  • Electrical Tape
  • Heat shrink
  • Palm touchstone Case
  • Palm touchstone
  • Soldering Equipment

This method of wireless charging is not limited to Galaxy Note II only as other Android devices including Xperia Arc and Galaxy S3 can also be charged using the same method. All you need to do is take the induction coil and attach it with the back of Note’s cover. After you are done with this, it is important to attach the battery cover again. This will now enable you to charge your mobile device without using any physical connection. It sure is an easy method that anyone can try with his device for wireless charging.

To get more information about this mod, head over to the original thread.

Source: XDA-Developers