Nexus 7 can be paired with wireless Xbox controller

Xbox controller

Gaming on tablets is even more fun when they are connected with a gaming controller. Earlier, only a Wii or a Playstation 3 controller could be connected wirelessly to Android smart phones. But, many of us prefer Xbox controllers over the others. Xbox controllers have been connected to android devices. But, this was done using wires via a USB OTG Cable. But, it is quite troublesome thing to carry wires. But, the wait is over now. Google Nexus 7 supports wireless connection of Xbox 360 controller.

This wireless connection can be established through a Xbox Controller Dongle. So, the wires are no longer needed. But, there is one problem that it is not registered with all the games and wouldn’t run on some games. This issue has been solved by one of the senior member at XDA, sleeplessninja. According to him, this can be done by copying and renaming the wired Xbox 360 profile. By applying this simple mod, you can use the wireless device. And, this method also works for the other controllers. In order to know more about it, visit the original thread.

Source: XDA-Developers