A Multiplatform Tool to Root your Moto Razr i

Multiplatform Tool

A few days ago, the news came up that Motorola will finally give its user the option to unlock the bootloaders on their devices in order to make use of the full advantages of an Android platform. The newly released Motorola RAZR i having the Intel processor, can now be modified by the users in whichever way they want. You can now install custom ROMs and different kernels. But, the thing is that very few ROMs are available right now as only a few developers have got hold of the new phone. So, advantage of installing ROMs is not quite prominent right now.

Since, the bootloader can be unlocked now. So, the rooting requests of the apps. A tool for rooting the device has been released by one of the XDA member, mattlgroff. The tool is very user friendly that will guide you through the rooting of the Motorola RAZR i even if you don’t have much knowledge about it. The tool take cares of every sub processes involved to root an Android device, right from executing an unsecured kernel to pushing SuperSU on the device. You just need to have the correct set of drivers installed on your PC.

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Source: XDA-Developers