Porting US Galaxy S III ROMs to other variants made easy

US Galaxy S III

It created quite a big commotion among the users in US when they found that the AT&T Galaxy S III smart phones from all the carriers will have the same specifications. So, to make only a few set of modifications in the phone, custom ROMs would be working on most of the phones with minor changes. Now, it is not required to install a custom ROM on your Galaxy S III to do that. A script has been released for the same purpose to save you from the trouble of installing a ROM.

The script was released in the forums of AT&T Galaxy S III by one of XDA’s Forum Member, cpu999. The script files have been developed in such a convenient way that you will only require to choose the type of Galaxy S III you desire and it will install all the files according to the choice made.

There is an easy to make it work. Firstly, you are needed to download the desired ROM you wish to port. The base ROM of that Android version should be downloaded too. Now, extract both ROMs in a folder. The files from both the ROMs should be present in the same folder. Then, execute the script. And, you are done. In future, cpu999 has said that a new update of a single ROM zip will be available through which you can flash all the versions.

Source: XDA-Developers