Get the tweaks installed on any android device with this new mod


A mod has been created by a senior member of XDA that is capable of installing a huge number of tweak and that too in any ROM on any kind of device. Comparison of this mod can be done by other kinds of application that perform this function like the ROM Toolbox which is created by Jrummy Apps Inc. The only exception in this is that now the users don’t do it through application, instead they flash mod and select the tweaks by using the AROMA Installer.

For using this, you only have to download mod, and then flash in the custom recovery once a proper cache and Dalvik pipe is done. After this, one can install many different options for tweaking their phone. List of tweaks that can be performed is pretty long. The list includes build.prop tweaks, init.d scripts, ability of enabling or disabling the functionality like that of hardware acceleration, adding of features, adding applications etc. If you are one of those who are big fans of these kinds of mods and tweaks, then you should surely check this one out.

To get more details about the mod, head over to the original thread.

Source: XDA-Developers