Easily Customize Your Galaxy S III ROM From Recovery


Customizing your own smart phone is one thing that the user loves to do. Having their own favorite graphic user interface could be helpful and make the phone user-friendly. As we know, XDA keeps on developing useful ROMs, apps for the users which the users are really pleased to download.

So, here comes a mod based on AROMA installer to customize your ROM which is developed by rehpyc, and choose from a wide variety of options to make your Smart phone look the way you want it. The styles that you can choose from are as follows –

  1. Battery style
  2. Clock position
  3. Brightness slider
  4. Placement of the date/clear button bar
  5. Transparency % of the notification area
  6. Number of lidroid toggles shown without scrolling
  7. Text labels shown or hidden below those toggles

Stating that it is available to all the smart phones would be wrong as the mod had only been made available to Galaxy S III. But we know that members at XDA are hard working and would certainly overcome this problem by developing mod for other phones sooner or later.

To get more information about the mod, Visit the original thread.

Source: XDA-Developers