HTC Incredible S gets two Custom Jelly Bean ROMs


Everyone wants to get their hands on the Android’s latest version of their OS, Jelly Bean. The queue for the phones is long enough who want to receive custom ROMs and upgrade to the latest Android operating systems. Recently, the HTC’s Incredible S got lucky after HTC’s Desire S.

XDA certified member nikhil007mmus developed a port named Nik_JellyBean_evolution from Blindbean, the custom ROM you must have heard for Desire S. There are expected to be only some minor issues with the ROM which is Android 4.1.1 based and uses CyanogenMod 10 kernel. The tethering issues are supposed to be fixed by replacing inbuilt app with a third party equivalent. And the problem with the video recording is also being worked on.

Head on over to the ROM thread by clicking the link below –


And the other ROM developed by nikhil007mmus is Codename Android ViVo. To download and get more information about the ROM, click on the link below –

Codename Android ViVo


Source: XDA-Developers