CrashPlan vs Carbonite


One of the things we do at Tech Reviews and Help is we try to find ways to save you money. Many smaller and unknown companies do the exact same thing as larger companies but they don’t have the advertisement and the high prices.  In past articles we try to point out some smaller companies that offer similar or more service for lower prices.

Today we are doing a vs on CarshPlan and Carbonite. As you may have guessed, CrashPlan is somewhat a smaller company than Carbonite but it’s more affordable. Below I’m going to try to make it fact based as possible. All the things below will be for home computers and not business plans since most people don’t own a business.

To go to CrashPlan’s site click here. To go to Carbonite’s site click here.


CrashPlan is $25 a year for basic (10GB), $50 a year for unlimited level, and $119 for their family unlimited plan. The family plan is used for 2-10 computers.

Their plans go from month to month – 4 years. To get the lowest price you must buy 4 years on any giving plan. Month to month wise if you buy a per month plan it can double the cost.

Carbonite is $59 a year for basic, $99 a year for plus, and $149 for premier.  All of these plans only work with one computer. So if you have another computer you need to back up you need to buy another plan.



CrashPlan basic plan gets you 10 GB but the rest of the plans is unlimited. Carbonite has unlimited backup space on all their plans

CrashPlan works on Windows, Apple, Solaris, and Linux. Carbonite only works on Apple and Windows on the basic level and the rest of the plans it only works on Windows.

Carbonite backs up your image. CrashPlan doesn’t. (If you don’t know what an image is then don’t worry about this)

Carbonite ships you a restore CD for their top plan. CrashPlan does this on any paid level.

CrashPlan sends you an external hard drive for your initial backup. Carbonite doesn’t. (Carbonite’s trial is 14 days long and I have so much on my computer it didn’t get done backing up and it had 18 more days to go. In theory this should cut it down to a day or 2 because you’re not pushing a bunch of info online.)

CrashPlan list ways they protect and secure your data here. Carbonite just says it’s secure.

CrashPlan keeps your files forever while Carbonite deletes your files they aren’t on the computer after a month.

CrashPlan allows you to restore files to any computer. Carbonite only allows you to restore on the computer it’s linked up to.

CrashPlan tries to not duplicate your files while I had this problem with Carbonite.

Carbonite ads is all over the place. CrashPlan isn’t.

I’ve been (e-mail) spam almost on a 3 day bases by Carbonite. I do not have this problem with CrashPlan.


All the other features is minor things or is on both systems.



Overall there is good and bad things with both companies.  I like CrashPlan because they are easier to work with and no matter how you do it, CrashPlan is cheaper. But, there is some things Carbonite does that CrashPlan doesn’t do.